Production Rates

In SingleOps, we have the ability to insert production rates which take variables of your choosing (e.g. square feet, DBH, level of difficulty, etc.) and push those variables through a formula to give us a quantity for any given Item. This can greatly speed up your estimation process by allowing the system to do calculations that formerly would have been done either on a calculator or a piece of paper. In this article there is information about what Production Rates can be used for, different ways to set up Production Rates, and how to assign them to one or several Items.

The first thing we need to know about Production Rates is that, by default, only a SingleOps employee is able add and change them. In order to have them added to, or adjusted on your account, please reach out to your Implementation Specialist, CSM, or Support for assistance.

Before we learn how Production Rates work in SingleOps, we should review what they are used for in general. If you already have a great understanding of Production Rates, feel free to skip to the next paragraph. Production Rates are formulas which take different variables and give you a resulting quantity. Sometimes people use these to find the price as well, but in SingleOps they are always used to find the quantity of an item. The formulas generally take some measurement such as square feet of a property and then divide by a factor to figure out either how long that service will take (labor hours) or how much material would be used for that service. Here is an introductory example:

A Client asks you to estimate a price for a seasonal lawn care package. You have measured the property and found it to be 6000 square feet. You know that your crews generally run 3 people and that one crew member can usually do 1000 square feet in an hour. Knowing this, we set up a formula: (square feet / 1000) / 3 = time on the property. If we plug in 6000 we know that this Job will take us about 2 hours per Visit. We could do the same thing for materials (lawn chemicals) using a different equation to give us estimated materials for each Visit.

Once you have given the Production Rate to us and we have entered it for you, it is time to place it on an Item. To do this, you need to edit the Item, go to advanced, and select the Production Rate from the drop-down menu. See image for reference.


Now that we have the Item with the appropriate Production Rate, we are ready to create the Job. Go to the Create Proposal or Create Active Job page and fill out all the necessary information. Then add the Item to the Job and click the quantity field to see the variables. Enter the variables into their respective fields and hit recalculate to find the new quantity. 


Once the appropriate quantity has been found, click apply and continue with the rest of job creation. You can have as many Production Rates and use them on as many Items as you need. Make sure that each time you add a Production Rate, that you test it on an Item to make sure the formula works.

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