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Job Templates allow you to accelerate the speed with which you can create proposals or active jobs by automating the creation process using a template with preselected information. 

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Create a Job Template

Using a Job Template

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Create a Job Template 

  1. Navigate to: mceclip0.png Admin > Templates > Job Templates 
  2. Select New Job Template to create a new template or select Edit to make changes to an existing template
    *Note: Any edits made to a job template will only affect future jobs. These edits will have no effect on jobs that were previously created using the template.
  3. Complete the template with as much detail as needed. Template Name & Operation are the only required fields. The more information selected on the job template, the more time your team will save when creating jobs.
  4. Select Save when finished

Things to consider when creating a job template:

  • Locking an Item? This prevents users from changing the item during job creation by removing the item dropdown on the job edit page. 
  • Using alternate Document Templates? These can be preselected on the job template level at the bottom of the page. 


Using a Job Templates

Job Templates can be used in 3 ways: 

  1. When creating a job in the Proposal or Active stage
  2. When converting a Lead to a Proposal 
  3. When creating a Proposal Group


Job Templates Video

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