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Documents in SingleOps default to a specific template for Proposals, Work Orders, Invoices, etc. Below you will find descriptions of each Document Template Type and how to edit each page of each type of document. Admin users can only view and edit document templates. To have a new document template created, customized, re-named or locked, reach out to SingleOps Support. 

Note: To match your PDF attachments to your SingleOps documents for a more cohesive look, all document templates are set in Arial Narrow font.

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Document Template Types

*Note: Adjustments to documents will only edit the PDF document, not the Customer Portal view.

Type Type Description Job Types that use this Document:
Invoice A bill for services rendered and/or materials provided after a job is completed. One-off jobs & recurring jobs that are invoiced per visit 
Proposal A bid for services, materials, etc. that is sent to a customer for acceptance before a job is active & scheduled. One-off jobs
Work Order The document that crews use in the field to identify the services, materials, equipment, etc. that are associated with a specific job/visit.  All job types
Fixed Invoice A flat rate bill for a job that is generated based on a predetermined schedule, for a predetermined amount, & is billed separately from the work. Recurring jobs with a fixed invoice schedule
Combined Invoice A billing document for services rendered and/or materials provided for one customer, across multiple jobs and/or recurring visits that are completed within a specified date range. 

One-off and recurring jobs that are tied to a CMB (Customer Billing Schedule) or per visit invoices that are added to a RUP (Rolled Up Invoice) 

Job-Level Invoice A bill for services rendered and/or materials provided across all visits for a recurring job.  This document is available on all recurring jobs but only publicly used when using the Prepay email template  
Job-Level Proposal A bid for services, materials, etc. that is sent to a customer for acceptance before a recurring job is active & scheduled. Recurring jobs and Proposal Groups 
Purchase Order A document that includes items purchased from a vendor. It may include materials which are reimbursable, labor items, equipment items, expense items, or even discount items. This document is used for emailing or printing Purchase Orders, only. This document is not used for a specific job type.
Job Cost A document that includes a breakdown of all costs associated with a job. All job types
Calendar A simple document that shows the date a job is scheduled for, the name of the customer, the property address and crew notes for the job. All job types



Access & Edit Document Templates


1. To access & edit your Document Templates, navigate to: mceclip1.pngAdmin > Document Templates

2. Select Edit next to the Document Type you wish to edit



Page Descriptions

Below is a list with descriptions of each page in the Document Template editor:

Section Name Description Example Images
General Style This section allows you to set the colors of the column headers on your document.


Header This section allows you to make changes to the header portion of your document. Below, the first screenshot shows the setting options; the numbers noted to the left of each setting correspond to its placement in the Document itself.
Above Item This section allows you to make changes to the items that appear beneath the header but above the Item List. 
Item List Section This section has several options that allow you to format how Line Items on Jobs/Visits show up on your document.
Additional Items This section allows you to add Notes & Tags from the Job/Visit to your document.
Total Section

This section controls how Total Lines display on your document, including the Due Date & a display of the Client's Total Balance Due (across all unpaid Invoices). You can also edit the Terms Message here.

*Note: The Total Balance Due is currently not supported for CMB's or RUP's

Additional Info This section contains options to include (or change) the Sales Rep, Assignee & Contacts information on the document. It also allows you to hide or change image sizes for Job Photos, Line Item Photos & Map Markers.

The footer includes information which will display at the bottom of the document. If you would like to replace the Footer Image with a standard file on all documents, refer to this article. Otherwise, make footer adjustments specific to each template in this section.


Follow this link for more information on attaching PDF's to your document templates



As you make changes to your documents, you can Preview the changes by selecting Preview & then selecting a Visit. You do not have to save the changes to see them reflected in the Preview. Hitting the green refresh button will update the preview with your latest selections.


Example Images



Header Preview


Above Item


Above Item Preview


Item List Section


Item List Section Preview


Additional Items


Additional Items Preview


Total Section


Total Section Preview


Additional Info


Additional Info Preview




Footer Preview





Document Template Video


Alternate Documents

By default, SingleOps includes 10 document template types. However, alternate documents can be created by the SingleOps team, upon request. If you are in need of an alternate document, please contact If you are still in implementation, please speak directly with your Implementation Specialist. 

Request Alternate Documents

When submitting an alternate document request to, please provide the following information:

  1. Document Type (you can find a full list of document template types at the top of this article here)
  2. Document Name
  3. Answer- Is this an alternate standard document? If yes, is this an alternative document for an Invoice, Visit, Job or Purchase Order?

Once a SingleOps team member has created the new document template, you will then have access to edit the template. Follow this link for more information on how to edit a document template. 


Use Alternate Document Templates 

If set as an alternate standard document, you will now be able to select which document you would like used on Jobs, Job Templates, and/or Purchase Orders. 

  1. When creating a new Job or Job Template that requires an alternate document template, navigate to the bottom of the page & select the appropriate template.


  2. When creating & sending a new Purchase Order, the document template options will appear in the Purchase Order Email module under Other


  3. Once these alternate documents are selected & applied to your Job or PO, the link that auto-generates in your email templates will apply the correct document template to the email. 

  4. Alternate Documents can also be assigned on the Operation level. Follow this link for more information on Operations.


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