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An Item Group is a collection of Items, pre-built for quick addition to a Job. When estimating, you may find yourself frequently using the same group of Items, e.g., you know when planting a tree, it will take two men two hours each, the use of a backhoe, the tree itself, & post-planting mulch, fertilizers, & tie-offs.  Rather than having to manually list each of these Items every time you estimate this service, you can save time & enter the task as an Item Group.

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Item Groups Benefits

Create an Item Group

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Item Groups Benefits

Item Groups allow you to:

  • Save time when creating jobs with commonly-grouped items
  • Build job-costing into each Job
  • Easily determine which Items are visible to a Client or to your team


Create an Item Group 

1. Navigate to: mceclip0.png Admin Items > Item Groups

2. Select New Item Group or or click the Item Name, this will open up the Item and allow you to select Edit to make changes.

3. Enter a name for the group (required) & any description you wish to help in identifying or explaining the purpose and/or contents of the group (optional)

4. Check Active if you plan to use the group immediately (you may leave the box unchecked for now if you wish to create the group as a 'draft' & activate it later)
*Note: the Active checkbox may also be used to deactivate the group

5. Check Invoice as group if you wish the group to appear on your proposals & invoices as a single line item
*Note: if you use the Invoice as a group option, the Item Group name & description will appear on customer facing documents. The Items listed in the Item Group will not be seen on proposals or invoices, but they will appear on Work Orders & be visible to Crew Users.

6. Check Ratio locked if you wish to have the elements of the group always scale by the number of groups entered. If you lock the ratio, you're forced to maintain that scale independent of any shared Items (you can always override the ratio lock at the time of job/proposal creation should you desire). 


7. Select Add Item to begin adding Items to your group 
*Note: The Items must exist before creating the Item Group  

8. Enter the Items via the dropdown & complete the Item details
- Enter the quantity of the Item needed for this group & check the box if the quantity of the Item is to remain Fixed (think of this as a 'lock aspect ratio' if you were increasing the size of a photo, i.e., changing the quantity of Item Groups will increase the number of Items within the group by the same amount). 
- Item price & cost will defer to the Item level price & cost if left blank. If you would like to override these, enter your default cost & default price (you can adjust these later if necessary)
*Note: Expense Items cannot be added to Item Groups

9. When you have finished adding all the Items in the group, select Update Item Group


Item Group Video

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