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Quickbooks Set Up

Enable & Accept Prepay on Jobs

Apply Prepay to Invoices

How Prepay Syncs to QuickBooks

How to Use Prepay Video 


Quickbooks Set Up

Set Up QuickBooks Account for Prepay

In Quickbooks: 

  1. Create a new account in you Chart of Accounts (e.g. Customer Prepay). This must be an Income Account and Other Current Liabilities type.
  2. Create a new service in your Products and Services section and associate with the Income Account (Customer Prepay) that you just created. 
    Note: You can name this whatever you'd like, and it will sync as an Item to SingleOps. 

Set Up SingleOps Account for Prepay

  1. From the SingleOps home page, navigate to Admin > Account Settings
  2. On the blue side menu, click QuickBooks
  3. In the section: General Ledger Settings find Prepay Item (this section will only be visible after a SingleOps Support Team Member enables the tool)
  4. Click the drop down box and from the list of Items, choose the Income Account (Customer Prepay) service that you just created.
  5. Click Update Account when finished. Now you are ready to start taking Prepay in SingleOps.

Quickbooks Set Up Video 


Enable & Accept Prepay on Jobs

Things to Note:

  • Prepayments can only be applied to Recurring Jobs in SingleOps and is not available on One-Off Jobs or On Demand Jobs with unlimited Items.
  • Prepayments cannot be applied to Jobs with a Combined Billing Schedule

Enable Prepay on Jobs

  1. From the Edit Job page, scroll to the bottom to find the Additional Options section.
  2. Next to Prepay, select Enable
  3. Additional options will drop down under the Prepay section. Note: If you do not offer a prepay discount, these fields can remain blank. *Note: Prepay discounts are post tax only.
    1. Select a Prepay Discount Type:
      • Percentage
      • Flat (dollar) Amount 
    2. Prepay Discount Amount: Type a number into this area depending on what you selected for Prepay Type.
      • 10 = 10% (Percentage)
      • 10 = $10.00 (Flat Amount)

Accept Prepay 

Client View

  1. Prepay Discount is now displayed.
    *Note: You may need adjust the totals section of your document templates to include prepay info. 
  2. Once the proposal is accepted, your customer will be prompted to prepay. If SingleOps Payments connected, there is a Prepay button that will direct your customers to the page where they can Prepay for the total.

Internal View 

  1. Click the blue Prepay button on a job
  2. Click Prepay 
  3. Add payment details
  4. When finished, click Submit Payment


Apply Prepay to Invoices

Note: If you need to make changes to a prepaid Job, do so before the payment is applied to the invoice. Once prepayment is applied to an invoice, you can not make changes to the balance of the invoice

Invoice Type Apply Prepayment
Per-Visit Invoices
  • Automatically apply the prepayment balance when completing a Visit > Apply Available Deposit.
  • You can also manually apply the prepayment to invoices by going to the Payments button and selecting, Apply Deposit
Fixed Invoices

Prepayment is automatically applied to fixed invoices on the invoice date. 


How Prepay Syncs to QuickBooks

  1. When a Prepayment is paid, a Sales Receipt is created in Quickbooks. 
  2. When a Prepayment is applied to an invoice:
    1. The invoice will sync to Quickbooks 
    2. A credit memo will be created in QuickBooks to connect the amount deducted from the Sales Receipt to the payment on the invoice. 


How to Use Prepay Video 




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