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The client portal offers a platform for your clients to request new service, as well as view/accept proposals & view/make payments on open invoices. These proposals & invoices are posted & removed from the portal based on actions & timing of the associated job/visit(s). The rules which govern the addition & removal of these documents from the portal are listed below. 


Table of Contents

I. Client Portal Overview

- Proposals

- Invoices (One-Off Jobs)

- Invoices (Recurring Jobs)

- All Invoices

- Additional Notes

II. How to use the Client Portal

- Navigation 

- Invite by Email 

- Website Link


I. Client Portal Overview



  • Proposals only appear in the portal when a job is created as a lead or proposal. If the job is created in the active stage, then reverted to the proposal stage, the proposal does not get added to the portal. 
  • If a proposal is accepted by the client within the portal, it will remain in the portal indefinitely. 
  • If a proposal is accepted from an email link or from within the app by a SO user, the proposal will disappear from the portal. 

Invoices (One-off Jobs)

  • These invoices appear in the portal on the Invoice Date.
  • If no Invoice Date is entered, the invoice will appear on the scheduled Work Date.
  • If no Invoice Date or Work Date are entered, the invoice will not appear until the job is completed.  Once the job is marked complete, the invoice will appear in the portal using the day the job was completed as the Invoice date.
  • If no Work Date is entered, but an Invoice Date is entered, the invoice will appear in the portal on the Invoice Date.  
  • Invoices for jobs with no Work Date but an Invoice Date in the future will not be added to the portal until the Invoice Date.

Invoices (Recurring Jobs) 

  • Per visit invoices will appear on the scheduled Visit Date (regardless of whether or not it is Completed or Approved).
  • TBD Visit Warning: If a job is set to Custom Visit Frequency and the visits are scheduled as TBD for a certain month, the (per visit) invoices for these visits will appear on the 1st of that month (regardless of whether or not the visit's work has been done or marked Completed or Approved).
  • Fixed Invoices will appear on the date stipulated on the job's Fixed Invoice settings (i.e. 1st of the Month, every 2nd Tuesday, etc.)

All Invoices 

  • All paid invoices remain in the portal for one year from the Invoice Date (not the Payment Date)
  • All unpaid invoices remain in the portal until they are paid. Once an invoice with a date older than one year is paid, the invoice will be removed from the portal. 

Additional Notes 

  • The Invoice behavior described in this article is the default behavior. Admin Users can configure their Invoice settings in order to determine when an Invoice appears in the Client Portal. Follow this link for more information.


II. How to Use the Client Portal

In order for your clients to access their portal, they need to register using your company's unique portal link. The portal link can also be used by current or new clients to request service. You can find this link in the Admin module of SingleOps on the Company Info page.



Navigate to:

          blobid0.png   Admin > 

                   Account Settings

    blobid1.png View 





The portal link can be copied & shared with your clients in two ways:

Invite by Email

  1. Copy the portal link & paste it into an email template. The link can be pasted in a SingleOps email template (e.g., at the bottom of your Proposal Email template) or through a marketing email program, such as MailChimp.

  2. Once the client receives the email & clicks on the portal link, they will be directed to a login page which requires submission of an email address affiliated with a client in your SingleOps account.

    For example, if your client "Cece Cunningham" is entered in SingleOps with the email address:, this client must enter that email address in the portal registration in order for SingleOps to recognize her as a current client.


  3. Once "Send Login Link" is selected, the client will receive an email with a link to their specific portal page. Once the link is clicked within the email, the client will be directed to their portal.

    Note: If you are testing this in your account & click the emailed link, it will not work if you are currently logged into SingleOps on any tab in your browser. Please log out of SingleOps & close all tabs to test the emailed link.

  4. Once in their portal, clients can view & accept proposals, view & make payments on open invoices, or request new service.

    *Note: The invoice payment option is only available in the portal if your account is integrated with SingleOps Payments. 

Website Link 

  1. The portal link can be copied & used on your company’s website. Your website administrator should be able to help with this, however, if you build & maintain your own website & need help adding this link to it, please reach out to our support team at

  2. When using the portal from the website, your clients should follow the same steps outlined above to access their own portal page or make a service request.

    *Note: If you would like the portal link on your website to take your clients directly to the service request form, you can tag ?leadform=true to the end of your portal’s URL (e.g.,
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