Create a Client Notice

Client Notices are informative banners & icons that appear throughout SingleOps. These notices are a great way to ensure SingleOps Users stay informed about crucial Client information. Follow the steps below to create a Client Notice:
Table of Contents

I. How to Create a Client Notice

- Navigation & Set-Up

- Example


I. How to Create a Client Notice


Navigation & Set-Up

1. Navigate to:

            mceclip0.png Clients >

                   All Clients

2. Select Edit next to the Client

3. Navigate to the Advanced tab & select Notice

4. Determine if the Notice is Critical, Informative, or a Warning in the drop down box 

*Note: the level of severity affects the color & icon used on the Notice throughout the system. These colors are yellow, blue, & red, respectively. 


5. Enter the Notice text 


6. Select Update Client








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