How do you handle two clients with the same name?

SingleOps won't let us have two clients with the exact same name. Right now, we add extra spaces between the first and last name to create a new client file. For example:

A new client named John Smith reaches out. We already have a John Smith in the system. In order to have both, we type John __ Smith.

Does anyone have a better way? 

Is anyone using the Customer Portal form for leads and runs into this?



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  • Hi Danielle - How are you?  We've used middle initial to handle this situation.  In our case, they had different middle names, so that helped to differentiate. 

    We get a lot of leads from the customer portal, but haven't run into any duplicates yet.  Confirming the entries allows us to match up the lead with an existing customer, if the information matches, so that a duplicate customer isn't created.  Hope that helps. 


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