Organizing Rejects/Cancels/Round Skips


I'm curious about ways people have found to come up with organizing & tracking their rejected proposals and Jobs?

We track what jobs are "rejects" (IE proposed but not accepted) vs cancel (recurring jobs we previously did, but the client no longer wants).  We also separate out Round skips (where 1 service in a program is rejected, but the rest of the program remains).  

In Singleops, this all ends up flowing into Rejected Proposals together, but it's really important data to track.  



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    Hey Matt, 

    Great question! Before I respond I wanted to say it's awesome you found the community center. We have yet to market this to our customer base (coming soon). I wanted to highlight that since I noticed there has been some time since you made this post originally. 

    I'm happy to give some insight on how some accounts are handling this now. In the example below this account has created tags for the different rejection reasons. If you take a took a the screen shot below you'll see the dark red tags they are using. "Unqualified - Price to high" and "Unqualified - Went with Competitor" for example. 

    Once these are created and placed on jobs when cancelations occur, they can be used to filter and get reports on the different reasons you mentioned above. 

    If you need any help creating these tags on your account this brief Help Center article will definitely get you there How to Add and Use Tags 

    As always, if you need any assistance you can always contact Support. 

  • Thank you Robert.  We're doing it with a custom field so as to not make a crazy number of tags.  We would love it if it were possible to require that the custom field be filled in only when a job is rejected.  

  • I like the idea of using tags to categorize.  We have a TON of tags, but we've grouped them by category and each category is the same color, so it's not overwhelming.  For example, "Job Hazards" are all lime green, etc.  Adding another group of tags to represent "rejection reasons" wouldn't be a bad idea.  Simple application, just pick the tag from the drop down while going into the job to reject it.  I think we could manage that.  I'm going to look into this.  Depending on the type of work, that could help with off-season targeting.  I would consider targeting every maintenance lead who cited "I already found someone" at the end of the season, for example.  Or blast emailing everyone who said "you're too expensive" to ask them if they were happy with the choice they made, etc.  Good idea.


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