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This Community Center has been designed for you!  We think it’s important to create a space for you to share a little more about who you are and all the amazing things you and your business are up to!

Some interesting topics to hit in your Introduction to get your thoughts flowing:

  • Who are you?
  • Where are you and the business located?
  • What is your business and what areas of the industry do you cover?
  • What are some ideas you are interested in discussing in the Community Center?

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    Jack Harder and Monico, Andrea L We've started a Business Insights Post here ( 

    I'll poke around see about getting some additional traction on the use cases added to this thread. 

  • Hello all!  My name is Bart Burnett.  I am from Atlanta, GA, and I'm a Support Specialist here at SingleOps.  I will also be acting as one of the Moderators for the newly created Community Center.  I welcome you to this journey we are embarking on together of bringing the SingleOps Universe together.

  • Hey Bart, my name is Jack Harder and I'm the GM of Harder Services, Inc. in Hempstead, NY.  We serve residential, commercial, municipal and utility customers, providing tree care, landscape installation, landscape maintenance and IPM services in the New York City and Long Island geographic area.  We've been working with SingleOps since late 2018 and we're very happy with the product.

    I am definitely looking forward to learning from other users in these forums.  One thing that I would be interested to know from other users is specifically what reports they view/reference, and how often, to gauge their company's performance.  There are so many metrics and there isn't any one "correct" way to look at the data, so I'm curious what reports or combination of reports other users maintain as their "go-to" or quick-reference reports.  Thanks!

  • Hello! 

    My name is Andrea Monico, Director-Support Services at CM's Outdoor Solutions in Omaha, NE We are full service, commercial/residential offering lawn, landscape, irrigation, tree, snow, and design-build services. We joined SingleOps at the end of 2019.

    I am also looking forward to exchanging information and learning from other users on the forum.  Jack Harder, we have just started to dabble in the Summary Data for Business Insights.  We have been building reports out by class/operation and then by day for at least revenue totals. If we are doing deep dives, I still often export visits/jobs so I can arrange the data a million different ways and visualize it however we choose.

  • Hello!

    Thank you for giving us this platform!


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