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  • I wanted to discuss a scheduling need I had that was solved by using Pivot Tables. I  needed to run a report in SingleOps that display data that I could not do within the software until the use of Pivot Tables.

    I plan our scheduling off of the amount off the $ each week so when we can tell our clients we are XX weeks out. I needed to have a quick glance to give them a specific week based on the total amounts without using a calculator.

    I started with the Visits Report and then created a Business Snapshot so that I could build my Pivot table. As you can see below, the invoice total for all active visits is not an option.

    The job management page (Active Tab) does have the option to add totals with the Total Price column but I needed a report that would just show me the visit  number and the amount that the visit was for  and also to add all of these up for a total amount.

    There wasn’t a column for totaling up the active jobs I wanted so I created a Pivot Table using the Visits report so that I can see, in advance, the active visits and how much they are so that I can plan accordingly for my team.

    This has helped me save time and eased my frustration of data being there but not available in the format that I wanted it in for my needs.   If anyone has a better idea on how to view this information, please let me know by leaving a comment!  


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