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QuickBooks Online Unsynced Entities Report

The QuickBooks Online Unsynced Entities should be checked daily. This will list all entities that are unable to sync from SingleOps into QuickBooks.

1. Click Resync under Actions for each entity. 


2. Log into QuickBooks to confirm the entity has not been deleted (this is the most common reason for an unsynced entity).

If entity has been deleted from QBO, remove the link between SingleOps and QuickBooks by clicking Clear ID on the SingleOps QuickBooks Online Unsynced Entities page. This action will allow you to resync a new entity. For more information on clear ID, check out this article- Advanced Troubleshooting

3. Check Error Code and Message for details. These are given from Quickbooks to provide information on why entity did not sync. 

Use the QuickBooks Status Code Reference Guide for steps to resolve common messages.


If you are still unable to sync, Contact SingleOps Support


Un-Sync Entities Video


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