Migrate QuickBooks Company File

Steps to take in preparation for an account that is:

  • Switching QBD to QBO
  • Switching QBO to QBD

It is imperative to contact SingleOps support prior to making this change. 

  1. Account owner to get the current file (the old one) up to date. This includes syncing anything in the pending sync list or in the sync wizard (QBD). 
  2. Account owner to note the date that this update is done, and disconnect the current file in the SingleOps account settings.
  3. Account owner must migrate the QB company file data from the old file to the new company file. This step must be completed. This will ensure we get the same chart of accounts, product and services, tax data, customers, etc. Without this step being done the new file will not work. 
  4. Account owner to notify SingleOps that you are ready to make the transition and give us the date recorded in step 2. 
  5. SingleOps rep to put in a t3 request to flag all invoices from before the date given (Step 2) with the never sync flag. This stops the invoices that should already be in the new company file from showing up as 3120 errors and eventually duplicates. 
  6. Once completed, SingleOps team members will notify account owners and give them steps to connect the new account.
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