Snow Best Practices

This article will list and describe what tools, tips, and key configurations are best fit to make your snow shoveling, plowing, salting/melting jobs, etc. successful.

Tips & Tricks

On Demand Jobs

Visits can be created at any point and as many times as needed throughout the snow season.
Learn more about On Demand Jobs here.

Route Memorization - Premier Tier Only

Makes scheduling easy by remembering your crew's snow route.
Learn more about Route Memorization here.
*Note: If you do not see Route Memorization, reach out to support to enable this feature.


Create one invoice for multiple visits - great for combining all visits for a month in one. 
Learn more about CMBs here.
*Note: If you do not see Combine Billing Schedules, reach out to support to enable this feature.

Batch End Jobs

Batch End On-Demand Jobs allows the ability to filter your jobs down to only Unlimited jobs and end them in batch. Learn more about batch ending on-demand jobs here.

Automatic Clock-In/Out

Enable Automatic Clock-In/Out in your account settings if your snow crews work over night.


See it in Action

Things to Note

  • Prepay does not work when using unlimited visit occurrence 
  • Use generate visits, not add visits
  • Limit the job range to one year or less, if possible. With the batch renew recurring jobs feature, it is easy to renew work a yearly basis, and this is recommended for optimal workflow.

Contact Support or your CSM if you have any questions. 





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