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What is Route Capacity? 

Set-Up Route Capacity

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What is Route Capacity?

Route Capacities help ensure that no crew or driver is overburdened with labor or materials when scheduling on the route planner. This will help your team monitor quantities on routes to avoid over/under-scheduling. A few examples below:

  • PHC/Turf Care: Truck can hold 100 gallons of solution. You can use route capacity to alert you if you go over 100 gallons on a route.
  • Sod/Synthetic Turf: Truck can only hold certain sq. ft. of turf. You can use route capacity to alert you if you go over truck's sq ft capacity on a route.
  • Labor: Don't want to over work your crews? Add capacities to labor line items to alert you if a route is running too long.


Set-Up Route Capacity

Account Settings

Before using this feature, you must activate Route Capacities in Account Settings.

1. Navigate to: mceclip15.png Admin > Account Settings

2. Click Routing from the menu (in blue)

3. Toggle Include Capacities in the route Planner? to YES. This will ensure capacity shows up in route planner.

4. Click Update Settings



Item Settings

1. In mceclip16.png Admin, navigate to: Item > Items

2. Select Edit next to the item you would like to set the capacity amount for

3. Fill out Production Rate with your desired unit of measure

*Note: The amount must be in the same unit of measure throughout this entire process.

4. Check the box Include in Calculation of Route Capacities on the item level


4. Click Update Item


User Settings

1. Navigate to: mceclip17.png Admin > User

2. Select a user's name

3. Check the box Use in Route Planner

4. Enter the Route Capacity amount.


5. Select Update User when finished


Use Route Capacity 

The route capacity count will be displayed on the Route Planner page in green:


As you add jobs to the route planner with items included in capacity, this number will increase automatically.


The route capacity will be displayed in red if it is exceeded. This will not prevent the route from being scheduled. 


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