Custom Contact Type

In addition to the 15 original Customer Contact Types, SingleOps users have the freedom to create their own custom Customer Contact Types. Only Admin Users can create and edit Custom Contact Types, if a Custom Customer Contact Type is deactivated, only admin can see those that have been deactivated.

Add a Custom Contact Type

  1. Navigate to: mceclip2.png Clients > All Clients or New Client
  2. This action can be done in Edit a Client, Create a New Client, or Add New Client Contact
  3. Select the Contacts tab.
  4. Under Types, select the drop down and click + Add New Contact Type
  5. Enter a custom name
    *Note: You can not have duplicate Custom Contact Type names. This will prevent you from saving.
  6. Select Save
  7. Edit a Custom Contact Type. To edit a Custom Contact name, select the pencil icon next to the contact name you would like the edit. In Edit Contact Type, you can also unmark this Contact Type Name as active. (See image below)
  8. Click Save when finished editing.



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