Invoice Creation & QuickBooks Syncing

This article will include details on how and when the invoice generation occurs for individual job types,  and their relationship with Quickbooks.  


One-Off Jobs & Recurring Jobs on Per Visit Invoice Schedule

  1. Invoice Created: When proposal/active job is initially saved
  2. Invoice Date: Defaults to the Work Start date
  3. Synced to Quickbooks: When job/visit stage is changed to approved
    1. Note: If  ‘Auto-sync invoices and payments to QB?’ setting is on, invoice will sync when first payment is applied

Recurring Jobs on Fixed Invoice Schedule & CMBs

  1. Invoice Created: X days prior to invoice frequency, regardless of job/visit status
    X days determined by invoice lead days setting (Account settings > Search Account settings > Type in Lead > Change the Invoice Lead Day)
  2. Invoice Date: Determined by ‘Invoice Frequency’ selection in job/CMB
  3. Synced to Quickbooks: Upon creation of invoice


  1. Invoice Created: Ad hoc from client page
  2. Invoice Date: Determined by the user upon creation
  3. Synced to Quickbooks: Upon creation of invoice


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