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QuickBooks Sync Wizard Sections

Managing the sync Wizard

Trouble Shoot QuickBooks Error Log & Failed Sync


QuickBooks Sync Wizard Sections

Whenever you see a number next to the Quickbooks Sync Wizard icon (above the Admin wheel), this means there is something you need to approve before it will sync from Quickbooks into SingleOps and vice versa


It is best to address these entities as soon as they arise to avoid them building

There are 2 sections: 

1. The top section (Import from Quickbooks) shows what is trying to sync from Quickbooks into SingleOps

2. The Bottom (Export to Quickbooks) shows what is trying to sync from SingleOps into QuickBooks

*Do not click “Approve Checked” until you have gone through the entities in both sections, decided which ones to keep checked, and then selected either “Clear Unchecked” or “Keep Unchecked” for the entities you have unchecked


Managing the Sync Wizard

1. All entities should be selected by default. Uncheck anything you do not want to sync

  • If you do not want the unchecked entities to show in the Sync Wizard again change the drop-down next to “Approve Checked” to “Clear Unchecked
  • If you do want the unchecked entities to show again, (e.g. you do not want it to sync when you select “Approve Checked” on this occasion, but you may want to the next time) leave the drop-down as “Keep checked”, this way the next time the web connector runs after the current sync, these previously un-checked entities will reappear in the list again
  • It is one rule for all e.g. if you decide to “Clear Unchecked” this applies to all unchecked entities

2. Once you click “Approve Checked” everything will go into the “Pending syncs” section of the Log until the web connector is opened 

3. Once the web connector is opened you will see the entities starting to sync

  • Pending = approved on the previous screen and now waiting for the web connector to run 
  • Error Log = the error log alerts you to any entities that could not sync. It will show the name of the entity, the direction of the sync issue (e.g. QB → SO means the sync issue is in QB and needs to be resolved there, why is couldn’t sync, and a QB Status Code 
  • Failed Syncs = record log of all failed syncs over time, not current entities that couldn’t sync on this occasion 

Trouble Shoot QuickBooks Error Log & Failed Sync

  1. Check all entities in the Error Log and then click ‘Retry’ in the last column
  2. If this does not resolve them check all entities again and then click ‘Fix Edit Sequence’ in the last column **this will only show for certain errors that may be resolved by clicking this action
  3. If you’ve tried the above steps, next check out the table in this article. Look for the code, and carry out the steps to resolve the issue. 
  4. If you still can’t resolve the errors then reach out to someone in Support who will assist you


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