Setting Up Automation Modules

SingleOps offers several Automation Modules that allow you to keep your customers up to date! This feature is only available to accounts that are Plus level or up. 


Several reminder templates have already been added to your system to use with the Automation Module. To set the timing and which email template to use, go to Admin -> Automation. 


Currently there are only two automation modules available:

  • Client Proposal Followup: Increase the conversion rate on your proposals by automating your follow-up with clients when they have not accepted the proposal

  • Client Invoice Due Notification: Increase on-time invoice payments and improve cash-flow by sending automated notifications to clients who have unpaid invoices coming due soon

To get started, select the green Set it Up button:



This will allow you to set up the automation:



Select "Active" to turn this module on.

The Time After Proposal sent is the minimum time to wait after the proposal is first sent until an automatic follow-up is sent. This only applies to proposals tha have no been accepted when the follow-up would go out.

The Email Template allows you to select which template you'd like to use for this automatic follow-up email. 


Once you hit SAVE the automation is updated and will start sending out. All automation emails will be seen under the Emails Tab on the Client Page.

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