FAQ: SingleOps Payments Powered by ProPay

In fall of 2021 we introduced a new way to process payments through SingleOps with SingleOps Payments powered by ProPay. This article will address frequently asked questions in regards to the migration of moving from OpenEdge to SingleOps payments, and the functionality of SingleOps Payments as a whole. If you don't find an answer to the question you have, please feel free to reach out directly to our support team so we can get you an answer directly and add it this article so others can learn as well. *Note: ProPay is not currently available for Canadian accounts.

Please contact SingleOps Support for help with SingleOps Payments. Our team is best equipped to engage with our processing partner (ProPay) and get you the fastest answer. Contact SingleOps Support here.

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Processing Fees


Funding & Reconciliation

ProPay Account


Processing Fees

There are no costs to get started with SingleOps Payments. We offer a competitive flat rate so that you are never surprised by a bill and can forecast expenses accurately.

CC Transactions: 2.9% + 20 cents per transaction

ACH transactions: 1% per transaction (fee capped at $10)

In SingleOps, you can even choose to pass these additional costs on to your customers through your Account Settings. See Setting Up a Payment Gateway article for more details.

CC fees are set up on Gross Billing, so fees will be taken out monthly. ACH fees are set up on Net Billing, and will be taken out prior to being deposited. Soon, SingleOps will send monthly statements to share all fees in one consolidated document. 



Limits help ProPay identify what your typical processing volume is, so that they can be alerted of anomalies and better detect potential fraud.

Default limits for new sign ups:

CC - Monthly Volume Limit - $35,000

CC - Per transaction limit - $2,000

ACH - Monthly Volume Limit - $35,000

ACH - Per transaction limit - $2,000
Refunds - Negative Limit* - $2,000
*Negative Limit is the amount your account balance is allowed to go into negative in order to process a refund.

Limits are all soft limits and will never prevent you from accepting payments.Transfers will only be delayed if you exceed 300% of your pre-approved transactions volume limit. Once you exceed the limit itself, you may be asked to complete additional underwriting steps in order to have your limit increased, so that transfers are never delayed. 

If you need to increase your limits send a request to increase limits@propay.com. Please cc support@singleops.com so that our team is aware and can assist if needed. You will likely need to provide a history including past merchant services statements. 


Funding & Reconciliation

ProPay will batch payments together and deposit in daily sweeps. It may take a few days for the transaction to hit your bank account, but ProPay will make deposits daily. ProPay batches payments at 4:10am EST. 

The Sweep Report in the ProPay account can be used for reconciliation. It will show all transactions included within the day's batch/sweep. It’s our recommended best practice to match payments daily. 


ProPay Account 

Your ProPay account can be accessed at https://epay.propay.com/login/

To allow more than one person access to a ProPay account, you will need to contact the SingleOps Support team to put in a request at ProPay to enable (up to 4) sub users. The owner/admin for the ProPay account will need to enter users in manually after this is enabled.

The person who signed up for ProPay initially would have received an email with the credentials, such as username and password, to log into this account. If you cannot find that email and need it resent - please reach out to SingleOps Support so our team can request ProPay to send it out again.

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