FAQ: SingleOps Payments powered by ProPay

In fall of 2021 we introduced a new way to process payments through SingleOps with SingleOps Payments powered by ProPay. This article will address frequently asked questions in regards to the migration of moving from OpenEdge to SingleOps payments, and the functionality of SingleOps Payments as a whole. If you don't find an answer to the question you have, please feel free to reach out directly to our support team so we can get you an answer directly and add it this article so others can learn as well.


What are the benefits of SingleOps Payments powered by ProPay?

With SingleOps Payments powered by ProPay you will have access to one-step payment processing, e-invoicing with click to pay, secure card storage, full featured card present support, and automatic card updates. Additionally by processing payments through SingleOps you are able to get paid 3X faster, spend 93% less time on receivables, and have happier customers who spend more.

What does the signup process entail?

The sign up process should take no more than 10 minutes. Please refer to this article for step by step guides on how to sign up.

How to Set Up SingleOps Payments powered by ProPay

How long does it take to get approved?

Approval is instant on SingleOps Payments. Once you complete the sign up form, all you have to do is turn the Payment Gateway on and begin processing payments in SingleOps immediately. Note- it is possible that ProPay will reach out for some additional information after the instant approval. This will not impact your ability to process payments in SingleOps.

What are the credit card and ACH processing fees?

Credit Card- 2.9% + 20c per transaction

ACH- 1% with a $10 max fee

Can I pass along processing fees to my customers?

Yes! When you activate your payment gateway you will have the ability to set/customize your credit card processing fee, your bank transfer processing fee, and your back transfer fee cap. See Setting Up a Payment Gateway article for more details.

Who is the payment processing partner?

SingleOps has partnered with ProPay, a division of Global Payments, to provide merchant services as a part of our online payments solution. SingleOps customers are automatically approved after completing a short form in the app, and are ready to accept payments immediately.

Are there any additional costs I need to be aware of?

There are no costs to get started with SingleOps Payments. We offer a competitive flat rate of 2.9% + 20 cents per credit card transaction and 1% per ACH transaction (fee capped at $10), so that you are never surprised by a bill and can forecast expenses accurately. In SingleOps, you can even choose to pass these additional costs on to your customers through your Account Settings.

Many processors try to quote lower rates and tack on extra fees. With SingleOps Payments, you only incur expenses after you get paid.

Will SingleOps Payments/ProPay even delay transfers to my bank account?

Transfers will only be delayed if you exceed 300% of your pre-approved transactions volume limit. Once you exceed the limit itself, you may be asked to complete additional underwriting steps in order to have your limit increased, so that transfers are never delayed. Limits are all soft limits and will never prevent you from accepting payments.

What happens to my saved cards?

All customers using our previous payment processing partner (OpenEdge) will have their saved cards migrated on the back end. The SingleOps team is coordinating with both OpenEdge and ProPay to execute this process so that you will have saved cards available as soon as you switch to using SingleOps Payments.

How will this work within SingleOps?

This is a fully integrated solutions. Your clients will be able to make payments directly through the online portal (matching how our processing works/worked with OpenEdge). 

How does the money end up in my bank account?

Transactions will be deposited individually into your account as they are received. Note it may take a few days for the transaction to hit your bank account, but ProPay will make deposits daily.

Will the billing for payment processing change?

No, SingleOps Payments is set up on Gross Billing (similar to OE), so fees will be taken out monthly.

What needs to be done to cancel OpenEdge?

Nothing on your end. Once you switch your payment gateway to SingleOps Payments, we will automatically reach out to OpenEdge on your behalf and cancel your account.





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