Set Up SingleOps Payments Powered by ProPay

SingleOps recently launched a new payment processing system in October of 2021 that includes the ability to process payments via ACH. Follow the below steps for instant approval and start accepting ACH payments in SingleOps today. *Note: ProPay is not currently available for Canadian accounts.

Please contact SingleOps Support for help with SingleOps Payments. Our team is best equipped to engage with our processing partner (ProPay) and get you the fastest answer. Contact SingleOps Support here.

In this article:

Sign Up for ProPay

Account Configurations

Set Up Payment Gateway

Processing Fee Items

Sign Up for ProPay

  1. Navigate to: mceclip0.png Admin > Integrations > SingleOps Payments > Sign Up/Status
  2. Once you are on the Sign Up/Status Page, enter the email address of the Primary Business Owner (the individuals who manages all of the financials for the business and will need to complete the next step), and select Submit.
    Note: This person does not have to be a SingleOps user
  3. The owner of the email address you entered will then receive an email that will prompt them with a link to complete the sign-up of SingleOps Payments powered by ProPay. Follow the link to the Sign Up Page.
  4. Complete all required fields on the Sign Up page, Business Information page and the Banking Information page
  5. Submit the form
  6. Once the form has been submitted, you will receive instant approval and a Merchant ID/Credentials for the ProPay website (for reporting) will be send via email.

Account Configurations

Once your ProPay account is created, check out our FAQ article to see what account configurations you can make, such as setting your limits, adding users and what reports to check out. 

Set-Up Payment Gateway

Once your ProPay account is created and desired configurations are made, it's time to turn it on in SingleOps. 

To set up the Payment Gateway in SingleOps, follow the below steps:

  1. Navigate to: mceclip0.png  Admin > Account Settings
  2. Account Settings Page, scroll down the left side of the page to find Payment Gateway
  3. Once on the Payment Gateway page, select the Gateway Drop Down arrow, and select SingleOps Payments
  4. If you plan to pass fees along to your customer, Update the Processing Fees and Fee Cap as desired. 
    *Note: See table below
  5. Select Update Payment Gateway

Gateway Select the Merchant Processor 
Currency Select Currency in Use
Turn off ACH? Turning ACH off will hide all the ACH payment methods. This will not delete any saved ACH payment methods.
Bank Transfer Processing Fee

Enter the % fee you will add to all payments made via ACH. This is in reference to the processing fees you will charge your customers. 


Example - Enter 1.00 for a 1% fee

Bank Transfer Fee Cap

Enter the flat $ amount you'd like to cap the ACH fee. This ensures the fee will not exceed the amount entered.

This is in reference to the processing fees you will charge your customers.  


Example - Enter 10.00 for a cap of $10. 

Credit Card Processing Fee

Enter the % fee you will add to all payments made via CC. This is in reference to the processing fees you will charge your customers. 

Example - Enter 2.90 for a 2.9% fee


Processing Fee Items 

CC Processing Fee and ACH Processing Fee line items will automatically be generated in your items list. When a CC or ACH payment is applied to an invoice, the line item will be added if processing fees are entered in the gateway settings.




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