ProPay Payment Gateway


In order to move forward with processing payments in SingleOps, you will first have to set up/sign up for the integration for SingleOps Payments powered by ProPay. 


Table of Contents

I. Payment Gateway

- Navigation & Set-Up


I. Payment Gateway


Navigation & Set-Up

To set up the Payment Gateway in SingleOps, follow the below steps:

1. Have an admin sign into SingleOps

2. Navigate to:

              mceclip0.png Admin >

                       Account Settings

3. Account Settings Page, scroll down the left side of the page to find Payment Gateway

4. Once on the Payment Gateway page, select the Gateway Drop Down arrow, and select SingleOps Payments



5. Update the Processing fee, and fee caps according to your business preferences.

*Note: This is in reference to the processing fees you will charge your customers.



6. Select Update Payment Gateway


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