How to Use Route Memorization

Route memorization is a helpful tool that allows for future ease of scheduling routes where the crew & sequence for the routes is typically the same. 

Note: This feature can only be used on routes that exclusively include Visits generated for On-Demand Jobs. Route Memorization is not available for any other type of Visit. 

Follow the steps below to memorize a route with On-Demand Visits:

  1. Generate the On-Demand Visits

  2. Create the route(s)

  3. Click the arrow next to the Driver’s name & select Memorize Route. If memorizing multiple routes, you may select the Memorize All Routes option at the top right of the page to memorize all visible routes.

    By selecting the Memorize Route option, SingleOps is updating the Job-level settings on each Job in the route with the Visit Start/Stop times & the Assignee(s). Any changes made to these fields at the Job-level will interrupt the memorization functionality.


  4. Once the route is memorized & you’re ready to generate another round of Visits, select a Scheduled Date for the new Visits in the Visit Generation Confirmation pop-up. Once completed, the route(s) for those generated Visits will appear in the Route Planner on the selected date in the memorized order.  


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