Define an Open Invoice

SingleOps Invoices generate at different times depending on the Invoice type. By default, once Invoices have generated, they are considered Open Invoices & appear in the Client Portal, the Open Invoices page, & the Invoices Report. To prevent Invoices from appearing as an Open Invoice before the work has been done, follow the steps below to configure Invoice settings that determine when an Invoice is considered Open & becomes viewable on the Client Portal, Open Invoices page, & Invoices Report. 

  1. Navigate to: mceclip0.png Admin > Settings > Invoice
  2. Toggle Enable Open Invoices to Yes
  3. Determine when each Invoice type (Per Visit, Fixed, & CMB/RUP) becomes an Open Invoice using the table below.
    *Note: Changing your open invoice settings will not change the actual invoice dates.
Start Date: The scheduled Visit Start Date
Complete Date: The date the Visit is marked complete
Approved Date: The date the Visit is marked Approved
Sent Date: The date the Invoice is first sent
Invoice Date: The Invoice Date determined on the Job or Invoice Schedule
Synced to QB?: When the Invoice is synced to Quickbooks


4. Select Update Settings


Additional Notes

  • Invoices with partial payments applied are defined as an Open Invoice. 
  • An Upcoming filter is available as an Invoice Status on the Open Invoices page, Invoices Report, & the Invoices tab on the Client show page. Any Invoice that does not meet the Open Invoice criteria set in Account Settings is considered Upcoming. 
  • The Client Balance on the Client show page gets updated nightly or when a payment is processed on an Invoice. 

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