Proposal Group Templates

Proposal Group Templates allow you to accelerate the speed with which you can create Proposal Groups by automating the creation process using a template with preselected information (Job Templates). 

*Note: You must create Job Templates before creating Proposal Group Templates. Follow this link for more information on creating Job Templates. 

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Create a Proposal Group 

Using a Proposal Group Template


Create a Proposal Group Template

1. Navigate to: mceclip1.png Admin > Templates > Proposal Group Templates

2. Select + New Template

3. Enter a Proposal Group Name (e.g., VIP Package, Full Service Maintenance, etc.)

4. Fill in the General information, as needed.
*Note: All fields set at the General level override the fields set on the Job Templates

5. Navigate to the Job Templates tab & select + Add job template

6. Choose from available templates

7. Select +Add
*Note: Once your Job Templates are added, you may use the dots to the left of each template to reorder them, or you may select the Delete button to remove them.

8. Select Save & Close


Using a Proposal Group Template

1. Navigate to: mceclip0.png Jobs > Use Proposal Group Template

2. Select your template & then select Create Proposal Group

3. Update the Proposal Group & Jobs with the appropriate information

*Note: Follow this link for more information on Proposal Groups 



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