Create a Proposal

A Proposal is the second stage of the SingleOps job workflow. Also referred to as an estimate, quote, or bid, a Proposal is a billable scope of work presented to a Client for acceptance.

Create a Proposal

1. If skipping the Lead stage, navigate to: mceclip0.png Jobs > Create Proposal 

1. Navigate to: mceclip2.png Jobs > Leads

2. Select the name of the lead you would like to make a proposal for

3. Click Convert to Proposal
*Note: A Lead can be converted to a Proposal from the Leads page, My Day page, or Calendar page

4. Determine if the Job is a one-off (a Job with one visit) or recurring (a Job with more than one visit)
*Note: Follow this link for more information on how to set up a recurring Job

5. Scroll to the estimate table & select Add an Item or Add Item Group

6. Enter the Item details & determine the Proposal Level 

7. Enter Job Notes

8. Update Additional Options, as needed

9. Select Update & Close 


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