Add or Edit a User

Add or Edit a User

1. Navigate to mceclip0.png Admin > Users

2. Select New User
*Note: Select an existing User’s name to edit their information or mark them as inactive. Follow this link for more information on deactivating a User.

Navigation Example:


3. Complete the User’s information:

Display Name - The name used when displaying the User throughout the application

First & Last Name - These names are used for informational purposes, only & can be used in templates for salutations

Email - The email address used for login & communication purposes. This email address must be unique to each User. 

Use Account Email as Reply To - Check this box if emails from this User should use the account’s email as the reply email address instead of the User’s email address. For delivery purposes, if you are using freemail (Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.) check this box.

Office & Mobile Phone - These phone numbers are used for informational purposes, only & can be used in templates

Color - The color used on the calendar, route planner, & elsewhere to indicate when a task/visit is assigned to this User

Color Priority - The priority of this User’s colors versus others (lower numbers are used first) when multiple Users are assigned to the same event

Operations - Select the Operation specific to this User or leave the box for All Operations selected below 

Role - Determine if the User is an Admin, Operator, or Crew. Follow this link for more information on User Role permissions. 

Disable Google Calendar Sync - If enabled, check this box to prevent the User from using Google Calendar syncing

Sales Representative - Check this box if the User is a Sales Rep 

Route Operation - The selected Operation’s location is used as the starting point for this User’s routes 

Crew Size - Used when scheduling visits to calculate the expected visit length

4. Select Invite User
*Note: User invitations do expire. If you need to resend a User’s invitation, select the green Resend Invitation button next to the User.


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