How to Manage Timesheets

Admin Users are able to manage & approve all Timesheets. Follow the steps below to manage submitted Timesheets:

  1. Navigate to Timesheets > Manage Timesheets

  2. Adjust the Dates, as needed

  3.  Select one of the following actions:

    - Reject Submitted to reject the Timesheet

    - Approve to approve the Timesheet

    - View to view & make edits to the Timesheet



Timesheet Reports

Once your team begins using Timesheets, SingleOps will consolidate the Timesheet data into two useful reports found in your Report Catalog under Labor: 

  • Timesheet Summary - This report includes clock-in & clock-out data, calculates total hours, & differentiates the time between Paid & Unpaid hours. Any Timesheet notes (descriptions) can also be seen in this report

  • Timesheet Totals - This report includes a more detailed breakdown of each Labor Resource‚Äôs Timesheet events.

    Note: Drive Time is any time within a total work day that is not accounted for by any event. The formula for Drive Time is:

    Total Clocked In Time - (Visits + Tasks +  Paid Breaks + Unpaid Breaks + PTO + Shop Time) = Drive Time 


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