Create a New Client

Create a New Client

1. Navigate to: mceclip0.png  Clients > New Client or select Add New Customer while creating a new job

2. Complete the Client’s General info:

  • The only required field is Display Name, which will auto populate based on data entered in the First & Last Name fields.
  • It is best practice to provide an email address & mobile phone number for each Client, if available. Filling in these fields will allow you to communicate with your customers using your account's Email & Text Messaging features. 

3. Select the Advanced tab & complete the fields, as needed:

  • Default Terms are only needed if the individual Client has different Terms that will need to override the Account’s Default Terms set on the Company Information page.
  • You can find more information on Customer Types here.
  • You can find more information on creating a Client Notice here.
  • Tags used on the Client level set default Tags on every Job created for this Client. 

4. Navigate to the Contacts tab

5. Select + Add Contact to add additional points of contact to this Client (e.g., a spouse or property manager) for more information on adding a Custom Contact Type click here.

6. Select Create Client



Additional Notes

  • SingleOps does not support duplicate Client Names 
  • A Client can only have one Billing Address
  • Adjust the setting below to support the organization of Clients by Last Name, First Name


  • By default, New Clients that are added to SingleOps will sync to Quickbooks with the Client’s first SingleOps Invoice unless the setting below is turned off.                 Screen_Shot_2021-07-02_at_10.38.38_AM.png
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