Create & Approve Purchase Orders

Purchase Orders available on Premier Tier, only.

Purchase Orders in SingleOps can be used to track Job costing by entering purchases related to Jobs/Visits or to track purchases for Inventory. Materials & Expenses are the most commonly used Items on Purchase Orders, however, any SingleOps Item can be included on a Purchase Order with the exception of Services by default.  

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Create a Purchase Order

Approve a Purchase Order

Purchase Orders Video


Create a Purchase Order

  1. Navigate to: mceclip0.png Purchases > Create Purchase Order
  2. Name the Purchase Order (optional)
  3. Select or add a new Vendor
  4. Enter a Bill Ref Number (optional)
  5. Select the Vendor’s Term (optional)
  6. Select an Operation
    *Note: the Operation must match the associated Job or Visit Operation OR with the associated Inventory Operation
  7. Determine if the Purchase Order is associated with a Job or Visit. If so, select the Job or Visit it is associated with. If not, leave this selection blank. You can find more information on associating a Purchase Order with a Job or Visit here.
  8. Select Tags (optional) - Tags are useful when searching reports for particular Purchase Orders.
  9. Enter the Effective Date - this is typically the day of entry, but if needed, you can backdate your Purchase Orders.
  10. Enter Notes (optional)
  11. Complete Purchase Order Details by adding your purchased Item(s) & associated information (quantity, cost, etc.)
    *Note: If the Purchase Order is associated with a Visit*, marking an Item as Billable will transfer the cost of the Item to the client & it will appear on their Invoice with no markup.
  12. Select Create Purchase Order 



Approve a Purchase Order

  1. Navigate to: mceclip0.png Purchases > Approve Purchase Orders
  2. Filter, search, or sort your Purchase Orders, as needed
  3. Select Approve to the right of your Purchase Order
  4. Attach the Purchase Order Item(s) to the correct Quickbooks Account
  5. Add Comments (optional)
  6. Select Approve
    *Note: If syncing to Quickbooks, Purchase Orders will sync as a Bill upon approval or when the associated job/visit is marked as Approved. If creating a Purchase Order for Inventory, the Inventory quantity will update upon approval of the Purchase Order. 



Additional Notes

  • Certain Item settings need to be adjusted in order for Items used on Purchase Order to behave in certain ways. You can find more information regarding Item settings in relation to Purchase Orders here.
  • To find additional settings related to Purchase Orders, navigate to: mceclip1.png Admin > Account Settings > Tasks 


Purchase Orders Video



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