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Client Portal Overview

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Set-Up Client Portal as a Lead Form 

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Client Portal Overview

The client portal offers a platform for your clients to request new service, as well as view/accept proposals & view/make payments on open invoices. 



  • Proposals only appear in the portal when a job is created as a lead or proposal. If the job is created in the active stage, then reverted to the proposal stage, the proposal does not get added to the portal. 
  • If a proposal is accepted by the client within the portal, it will remain in the portal indefinitely. 
  • If a proposal is accepted from an email link or from within the app by a SO user, the proposal will disappear from the portal. 


  • These invoices appear in the portal base on Open Invoice settings. Learn more in Define an Open Invoice. 
  • All paid invoices remain in the portal for one year from the Invoice Date (not the Payment Date)
  • All unpaid invoices remain in the portal until they are paid. Once an invoice with a date older than one year is paid, the invoice will be removed from the portal. 


Share Client Portal with a Customer

In order for your clients to access their portal, they need to register using your company's unique portal link.

Copy From Settings

  1. Navigate to: blobid0.png   Admin > Account Settings
  2. Scroll in Company details to 'Customer Portal' to view/copy the portal link.

Invite by Email

    1. Add the portal link to your email 
      1. Add {{object.account.customer_portal_url}} into desired SingleOps email template in SingleOps. 
      2. Paste copied portal link into a marketing email program, such as MailChimp, or directly send to one customer.

Customer Login 

    1. Once the client receives the email & clicks on the portal link, they will be directed to a login page which requires submission of an email address affiliated with a client in your SingleOps account.

      For example: If your client "Cece Cunningham" is entered in SingleOps with the email address:, this client must enter that email address in the portal registration in order for SingleOps to recognize her as a current client.


    2. Once "Send Login Link" is selected, the client will receive an email with a link to their specific portal page. Once the link is clicked within the email, the client will be directed to their portal.

      *Note: If you are testing this in your account & click the emailed link, it will not work if you are currently logged into SingleOps on any tab in your browser. Please log out of SingleOps & close all tabs to test the emailed link.

    3. Once in their portal, clients can view & accept proposals, view & make payments on open invoices, or request new service.


Set-Up Client Portal as a Lead Form

  1. Navigate tomceclip0.pngAdmin> Account Settings
  2. Scroll in Company details to 'Customer Portal' to view/copy the portal link.
  3. Your website administrator can add add this link to be used on your company’s website. The provided link will take take your customer to the Portal Login page. 

  4. If you would like the portal link on your website to take your clients directly to the service request form, you can tag ?leadform=true to the end of your portal’s URL
  5. When your client Requests Service, a new lead will be created in SingleOps. 


Manage Client Portal Leads 

1. Navigate to: mceclip1.png Admin > Account Settings > Search Account Settings

2. Search: "Customer Portal"

3. In the box next to 'Who should we email when a new lead comes from the Customer Portal?': Provide the email address(es) of the person/people you would like to receive lead requests. *Note: Make sure to separate email addresses with commas.

4. Click Update Settings when finished.


The email address(es) listed in this box will receive this email:


5. After receiving the email, click View in SingleOps. This will bring you to the Lead in SingleOps.

6. Click Edit in the top right corner of the page

7. Fill out the customer's information by clicking Edit Customer Details or Add New Customer 

8. Continue filling out the rest of the Job details

9. When finished, Update & Close the job

All leads from the portal will display a green Portal Lead tag and will have a checkmark under the Portal Lead column




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