Sales by Sales Rep Report


The Sales by Sales Rep Report allows users to report on billables, leads, & proposals broken down by Sales Rep. The report also includes the close rates of both billables & jobs. 


Table of Contents

I. Column Names & Descriptions



I. Column Names & Descriptions

Below is a breakdown of each available column within this report.


  • Proposed + Accepted Billables = the sum of the total visit price on all unarchived visits


  • Accepted Billables = the total price for jobs that are not in the rejected, lead, or proposal stage 


  • Billables Closed % = the Accepted Billables divided by Proposed + Accepted Billables


  • Assigned Leads = all jobs that were created as leads 


  • Open Leads = all jobs that are currently in the lead stage 


  • Created Proposals/Jobs = the count of all jobs that are no longer open leads 


  • Accepted Proposals = all jobs that are not in the rejected, lead, or proposal stage


  • Jobs Closed % = the Accepted Proposals divided by the total number of jobs in any stage 


*Note: This report also includes filters for Date Range (based on job creation date) & Operation


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