How to Merge Clients

The Merge Client tool is a great way to help clean up your Client list. For example, misspelled Client names may result in duplicate Clients. Follow the steps below to merge Clients: 

1.  Navigate to the Client page of the Client you do not want to keep 

2.  Select Merge Client 

3.  Select the Client you would like to Merge with - this will deactivate the first Client & reassign all of its Jobs, Contracts, & Contacts to the selected Client on this screen. 


4. Select Yes to confirm 


Additional Notes: 

  • If your account is synced with Quickbooks, be cautious about merging a synced Client with an un-synced Client. If possible, always merge with Clients that have synced to Quickbooks. 

  • There is no functionality to "un-merge" Clients. 
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