How to Edit Document Templates

To access & edit your Document Templates, navigate to Admin > Document Templates & select Edit


Below is a list with descriptions of each page in the Document Template editor:

  • General Style: This section allows you to set the colors of the column headers on your document.

  • Header: This section allows you to make changes to the header portion of your document. Below, the first screenshot shows the setting options; the numbers noted to the left of each setting correspond to its placement in the Document itself, as shown in the Document Preview in the second screenshot below.




  • Above Item: This section allows you to make changes to the items that appear beneath the header but above the Item List. 




  • Item List Section: This section has several options that allow you to format how Line Items on Jobs/Visits show up on your document. 




  • Additional Items: This section allows you to add Notes & Tags from the Job/Visit to your document. 




  • Total Section: This section controls how Total Lines display on your document, including the Due Date & a display of the Client's Total Balance Due (across all unpaid Invoices). You can also edit the Terms Message here. 

    Note: The Total Balance Due is currently not supported for CMB's or RUP's 




  • Additional Info: This section contains options to include (or change) the Sales Rep, Assignee & Contacts information on the document. It also allows you to hide or change image sizes for Job Photos, Line Item Photos & Map Markers. 




  • Footer: The footer includes information which will display at the bottom of the document. If you would like to replace the Footer Image with a standard file on all documents, refer to this article. Otherwise, make footer adjustments specific to each template in this section.




  • PDF: Follow this link for more information on attaching PDF's to your document templates

  • Preview: As you make changes to your documents, you can Preview the changes by selecting Preview & then selecting a Visit. You do not have to save the changes to see them reflected in the Preview. Hitting the green refresh button will update the preview with your latest selections.



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