QuickBooks Status Code Reference Guide

If you need any help fixing any of these errors please don't hesitate to submit a request to SingleOps Support

Error Code Error Message Explanation Steps to Fix
(Or something similar)
Unable to update: QuickBooks found an error when parsing the provided XML text stream. These are data errors that may have not made through the QBD web connector. These are not caused by users. 

These are normally fixed by clicking Retry or Resync. 

If Retry does not work then create a support request and we will be happy to look into this.

0x80040418 Unable to sync: This application has not accessed this QuickBooks company data file before. The QuickBooks administrator must grant an application permission to access a QuickBooks company data file for the first time. The connector has not been granted permission to access the QB file. Finish setting up the connector. If the connector was set up previously it may need to be again. A modal should pop up asking to confirm an authentication grant. These are are caused from skipping this step.
0x8004040D Unable to sync: The ticket parameter is invalid. This appears to happen when the connection is interrupted between SO and QB. These can be Retried. Also verify that Quickbooks can be opened. 
0x8004041C Unable to sync: An internal QuickBooks error occurred while trying to access the QuickBooks company data file. Quickbooks encountered an error. These can be retried. Contact Support if that does not resolve the issue. 
1000 Unable to create: QBWC ERROR: 1000 - There has been an internal error when processing the request. Quickbooks encountered an internal error. These can be retried. Contact Support if that does not resolve the issue. 
3000 Unable to create: QBWC ERROR: 3000 - The given object ID "f655e17b-fcaf-489a-9361-04f172c490dd" in the field "transaction id" is invalid. SingleOps is trying to sync a transaction referencing an older invoice with the pre-QBWC ID format. These are normally seen if a new QB file is connected. Contact support if you need these invoices in your QB account, if not they can be ignored.
3020 Unable to create: QBWC ERROR: 3020 - There was an error when converting the date value "0019-08-08" in the field "X". An invoice or payment record has a transaction date with an invalid value (first century AD, for example).. This typically happens because the user hand-typed the date incorrectly, if you fix the invoice date or payment date, then retry the error, it should be fixed.
3060 Unable to create: QBWC ERROR: 3060 - There was an error when converting the quantity "4.0e-05" in the field "Quantity". SingleOps is trying to sync an invoice item with a very small (less than .01) quantity. Quickbooks does not support this. This value is probably invalid. You will need a better measurement of quantity for this item.
3070 Unable to create: QBWC ERROR: 3070 - The string "28769 (Converted)" in the field "RefNumber" is too long. We are trying to sync an invoice to Quickbooks with "(Converted)" in the reference number. Unfortunately, the only thing we can do is ignore this job and create a new one with the data. You can't sync converted jobs.
3090 Unable to update: QBWC ERROR: 3090 - There was an error when storing "XXXX:XX" in the "item name" field. QuickBooks error message: Names in this list cannot contain a colon. The colon is a special character used to indicate a parent/child relationship. SingleOps is trying to sync an entity with a colon in the name. You will need to remove the colon in the display name and click retry. 

Unable to create: QBWC ERROR: 3100 - The name “item name” of the list element is already in use.


Unable to update Client with name 'John Smith' in SingleOps: Name has already been taken

Quickbooks does not allow duplicate names for different entities. These errors normally happen when duplicates clients are created.  1. Make sure you DO NOT create clients in both systems. These clients will not match to one another and also will not sync because of the duplicate name. 

2. To correct this you can rename one of the clients slightly. If they are in fact the same customer you can merge these records in SO to avoid further errors.
3120 Unable to update: QBWC ERROR: 3120 - Object [ID String] specified in the request cannot be found. QuickBooks error message: Invalid record number. Most of these errors are caused when an invoice has been deleted, or altered in some way, in your QB account. Singleops then tries send an update to that entity and its not there anymore. 

We added a feature to help users resolve these error. Click the "Clear ID" action next to the error and refresh the page.

See our KB article here for more detail on this: Quickbooks Sync Advanced Troubleshooting 

Caution. This will create a NEW duplicate entity and send it to your QB account as if there was not one there previously. 

3140 Unable to create: QBWC ERROR: 3140 - There is an invalid reference to QuickBooks Account "80000066-1562164376" in the Item Service. QuickBooks error message: You cannot associate an item with Sales Tax Payable, Undeposited Funds, accounts receivable, accounts payable, or non-posting accounts.  SingleOps is trying to sync an item with an income account associated with Accounts, Payment, receivable, etc. These need to be assigned to "real" income / expense accounts. Edit the item and choose the correct QB income/expense account. Usually, if you sell the item, use an income account; if you buy it, use an expense account.
3150 Unable to create: QBWC ERROR: 3150 - There is a missing element: "TxnID". A required field is missing from the request. Contact SingleOps Support
3171 Unable to create: QBWC ERROR: 3171 - An attempt was made to modify a Invoice with a date that is on or before the closing date of the company.  We normally see this when the accounting period has been closed and there is an attempt to make a change or update an invoice when its invoice date is within that date range.  You will have to either make these changes manually in QB, or change the invoice date to something outside of the closed period, or reopen the books for the date range. 
3175 Unable to update: QBWC ERROR: 3175 - There was an error adding, modifying or deleting 8983C-1557503235 because it is already in use. QuickBooks error message: The transaction could not be locked. It is in use by another user. A user has this record open in Quickbooks, which stops the update from syncing over. These can normally be retried and they will sync without issue. 
3176 Unable to create: QBWC ERROR: 3176 - A related object is already in use, or failed to acquire the lock for this object. A user has this record open in Quickbooks and Quickbooks won't allow us to update it while this is the case. These can be resolved by retrying the error.  
3180 Unable to create: QBWC ERROR: 3180 - There was an error when saving a Invoice. QuickBooks error message: The transaction is empty. SingleOps is trying to sync an invoice or bill with no line items. This can be ignored, some how an empty invoice was triggered to try and sync over. We do not sync $0 invoices. 
3181 Unable to create: QBWC ERROR: 3181 - Could not add "Meniz, Garfield" to the list "Customers" because the list contains the maximum number of items. To find the list limits for your version of QuickBooks, search QuickBooks Help for "Maximum numbers of list items". Quickbooks will not allow the entity to be created because it has hit its limit for this version of QuickBooks. The user will need to clear out some entities or upgrade their version of Quickbooks.
3190 Unable to update: QBWC ERROR: 3190 - Cannot clear the element in the ExpenseAccountRef field.

Unable to update: QBWC ERROR: 3190 - Cannot clear the element in the item line SalesTaxCodeRef field.
SingleOps is trying to clear a mandatory field (expense account for some items, sales tax code for some invoices). Make sure the items settings  are populated (expense account or sales tax code).
3210 Unable to create: QBWC ERROR: 3210 - The "AppliedToTxnAdd payment amount" field has an invalid value "168.03". QuickBooks error message: You cannot pay more than the amount due. SingleOps is trying to apply a payment to an invoice, but the amount applied is greater than the amount due.

This can be caused by a few things, I'll list some steps to troubleshoot but let support know if you need any help.

1. Check the invoice total vs the payment amount. 

2. Check the invoice total in SO vs the invoice total in QB. If these are different report the error to Support@singleops.com

3240 Unable to create: QBWC ERROR: 3240 - Object "1010000-1524726088" specified in the request cannot be found. Quickbooks is trying to reference an object using the ID we were provided and can't find it. Similar to the explanation above. Same as 3120 (the error above) 
3250 Unable to create: QBWC ERROR: 3250 - This feature is not enabled or not available in this version of QuickBooks. SingleOps is trying to sync a field that is not supported in the version of Quickbooks the user is using. The most common cause for this is if we are trying to sync item operation, which not all versions of Quickbooks support.
Make sure the Account Setting "Sync Item Operation for QBWC" is set to false.
3260 Unable to sync: QBWC ERROR: 3260 - Insufficient permission level to perform this action. The user the connector was setup with does not have permission to perform that action. Typically we see this error when the web connector was set up to sync with SO on a QB account that does not have ADMIN level permission. 
3391 Unable to sync: QBWC ERROR: 3391 - The iteratorID "{98ebfb06-6bb8-4c84-8abf-00b5ab524991}" is not valid. A sync was interrupted and the connector could not pick up where it left off when syncing a large result set. Close and restart the Web connector. You may need to go into your task manager and "end process" for anything QB related.
6000 A business validation error has occurred while processing your request: Business Validation Error: Something this action required is no longer available. Another user may have deleted it. Please refresh your screen to see the current information. This is rare. Confirm there were not any terms deleted in QB recently. Also check the default terms on the clients advanced tab in SingleOps.   
6210 Account Period Closed, Cannot Update Through Services API: The account period has closed and the account books cannot be updated through through the QBO Services API. Please use the QBO website to make these changes. QuickBooks Online (QBO) offers the option to Close the Books by finalizing financial statements for a specified period and thenpassword protectingany changes to that information.
The Quickbooks Integration will not support changes to invoices, payments, deposits, prepays or sales receipts from a closed period through the integration. This is a limitation of the Quickbooks API, which blocks any changes syncing to invoices in a closed period.
If you need to update an invoice after the period has been closed, you can do this manually in Quickbooks. 
N/A Unable to send to Quickbooks: error with Item -- Drop The indicated entity, normally items or services has a setting or selection that is incorrect.  This will require some troubleshooting. The error message will give you details about what the problem may be. An item for example, you will need to click the item name, edit the item, and correct the selection displayed in the message. 



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