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By default, SingleOps includes 10 document template types. However, alternate documents can be created by the SingleOps team, upon request. If you are in need of an alternate document, please contact If you are still in implementation, please speak directly with your Implementation Specialist. 

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Request Alternate Documents

Use Alternate Documents


Request Alternate Documents

When submitting an alternate document request to, please provide the following information:

  1. Document Type (you can find a full list of document template types here)
  2. Document Name
  3. Answer- Is this an alternate standard document? If yes, is this an alternative document for an Invoice, Visit, Job or Purchase Order?

Once a SingleOps team member has created the new document template, you will then have access to edit the template. Follow this link for more information on how to edit a document template. 


Use Alternate Document Templates 

If set as an alternate standard document, you will now be able to select which document you would like used on Jobs, Job Templates, and/or Purchase Orders. 

  • When creating a new Job or Job Template that requires an alternate document template, navigate to the bottom of the page & select the appropriate template.


  • When creating & sending a new Purchase Order, the document template options will appear in the Purchase Order Email module under Other

  • Once these alternate documents are selected & applied to your Job or PO, the link that auto-generates in your email templates will apply the correct document template to the email. 

  • Alternate Documents can also be assigned on the Operation level. Follow this link for more information on Operations.Screen_Shot_2021-08-10_at_1.38.30_PM.png
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