SingleOps Inventory

SingleOps Inventory available on Premier Tier, only.

SingleOps offers a way to keep track of your materials through the Inventory feature. This feature can be used to ensure you have enough materials for a specific Job or for making sure the costs you are recording on your Jobs match the Inventory you are depleting.

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Set Your Inventory

Manage Your Inventory


Set Your Inventory

  1. Navigate to: mceclip1.png Admin > Items > Items
  2. Click on the material item you would like to include in your inventory
  3. Select Edit
  4. Check the box that reads Inventoried
  5. Select Update & Close to save your changes
  6. Create a Purchase Order(s) that includes the Inventory item(s). You can find more information on how to create Purchase Orders here.
    *Note: When creating a Purchase Order to initially set/reset your Inventory, you may want to consider adding SingleOps or another placeholder Vendor to that Purchase Order. If the Purchase Order is synced to Quickbooks as a Bill, you will need to remove the Bill from Quickbooks.
  7. Approve the Purchase Order
    *Note: Inventory is Operation specific. A Purchase Order created for a specific Operation will only add the Inventory to that Operation.


Manage Your Inventory

Once your Inventory is set, the Inventory Item quantities will automatically deplete as the material is used on jobs & those jobs are marked as Approved.
*Note: As mentioned above, Inventory is Operation specific. Materials used on a Job will only deplete the Inventory of the associated Operation. 

Inventory Item quantities can also be manually manipulated following the steps below:

  1. Navigate to: mceclip2.png Purchases > Inventory
  2. Select the appropriate Operation
  3. To add or deplete Inventory, click the corresponding button to the right side of the Item or select Transfer to move Inventory from one Operation to another
  4. Enter the quantity to be adjusted, appropriate Operation for transfers, & any additional notes regarding the changes
  5. Select Submit Change


Additional Notes

  • It is best practice to only track Inventory in Quickbooks OR SingleOps to avoid discrepancies between the two systems.
  • You can find settings related to Inventory here: mceclip0.png Admin > Account Settings > Inventory
  • There is a Global Inventory Report on the Inventory page listed under Operation. This report will display a list of all Inventory Items & the total quantity available.
  • There is also an Inventory Transactions report in your Report Catalogue under Items. This report lists the individual Inventory changes & the running totals of each item.Screen_Recording_2021-06-30_at_10.40.33_AM.gif


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