Operation-level Branding

Branding by Operation is a great way to distinguish the different Categories of your business. These may include Service Types such as Tree Care and Maintenance, or Locations such as office branches in Denver and Boulder. While regular Operation setup includes segmentation by Job and Item operation and reporting capabilities, Operation-level branding offers advanced functionality in SingleOps. Document Template appearances can be configured with verbiage and logos specific to your Operations using Operation-level branding.

Branding by Operation is an optional feature of SingleOps. If your business has different service divisions or locations, but does not need different document aesthetics for each, this feature may not be necessary for your company. Operation-level Branding is an opt-in feature. If you do not currently have Operation-level Branding, but would like to turn it on for your account, please reach out to support@singleops.com.

How to Set Up Operation Level Branding

Once the feature is enabled, you can begin configuring branding by Operation in your SingleOps account. To do this:

1. Go to the Admin section, then select Operations

2. To set up Branding, either create a new Operation or Edit an existing Operation

3. Within the Operation Create/Edit page, a tab called "Branding" will appear. Select this tab to begin populating Operation-specific data for the chosen Operation.

  • Populate the basic information for the Operation. All fields which begin with "Doc" represent the displayed information on document templates for Jobs categorized with this information. 
    • For example, if Operation: Landscaping is being edited, and you write 123-456-7890 in the field for "Doc phone", the phone number will display as 123-456-7890 on document templates for Jobs with the Landscape Operation.
  • The logo and Email template html color can be set for the specific Operation as well. 
    • Logo - upload a .jpg or .png file to the logo field to do this. A high resolution file is recommended for optimum appearance.
    • Html color - to select a color in html format, please visit https://htmlcolorcodes.com/ and find the color you would like to use. Once the color is found/selected, place the hex code (formatted #000000) in the field.
  • Notices sent to your Customers for Proposal Acceptance and Autopay can also be customized by Operation in the text blocks.

Phone Number example:


html Color Theme example:


Logo example; upload a .jpg or .png high resolution file:


Landscape Operation Job's Proposal 


Using Operation-level Branding

Once an Operation's branding tab is populated, and Jobs with this Operation are entered, documents will begin using the information on the Branding tab to produce documents for these Jobs. To preview the documents for the Jobs once the Branding tab is completed and saved, go to a Job with this operation (on the Job Management or Report page, filtered by the appropriate Operation) and preview one of the documents using the blue buttons.

Custom Documents

If your account is using Custom Documents, Operation-level Branding may not be available without setup by our Development team. If you are using Custom Documents, but would like to set up Operation-level branding, please reach out to our Support Team.




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