Operation Level Branding

Operation Level Branding is an optional feature of SingleOps. While basic Operation functionality serves as a way to segment your Jobs, Items, etc., Operation Level Branding offers advanced functionality for Document Template configurations with alternate company information & logos specific to your Operations. If your business has different service divisions or locations, but does not need different document aesthetics for each, this feature may not be necessary for your company. If you do not currently have Operation Level Branding, but would like to turn it on for your account, please reach out to support@singleops.com.


Set-Up Operation Level Branding 

1. Navigate to: blobid0.png Admin > Operations 

2. Select New Operation or Edit to update an existing one 

3. Select the Branding tab & populate the fields with information specific to that Operation 
*Note: Follow this link for more information on populating these fields. 

4. Select Create Operation or Update Operation

Once an Operation's branding is set, any documents associated with Jobs categorized within that Operation will pull the appropriate branding information. 


Additional Notes

  • If your account is using custom documents, Operation Level Branding may not be available without additional custom work. If you are using custom documents, but would like to set up Operation-level branding, please reach out to support@singleops.com.




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