QB ID Clear (Fix for 3120 & 3240 Errors)

Clear ID button and clickable link 

We recently added (9/9/2020) a helpful feature that lets ADMIN users fix QB errors with the error code 3120 and 3240. Depending on whether you have Quickbooks Desktop or Quickbooks Online linked to your SingleOps account, this feature is available in 2 different locations. 

Here's some background information on what causes these errors. SingleOps and QB sync data from one another using using a string of numbers called a List ID. This ID points the one prgram to its matching entity in the other program. For example, an invoice for (John Smith #12345) in SingleOps will use this list ID to link itself to the matching invoice in Quickbooks. Note: Just because you have an invoice for John Smith #12345 in QB it will not be linked without a proper List ID. 

If this link is ever broken, these syncs will fail and display errors. 99% of the time this link is broken by the invoice being moved, altered or deleted in QB. 

Previously the only way to correct these errors would be to report them to Singleops Support.

Not anymore! Below I'll include some steps including screen shots on how to deal with these errors using both QB online and QB Desktop. 

Quickbooks Desktop Clear ID 


Notice the button and link (Pictured in the screen shot above). This will only appear for errors that the fix is applicable to.  You can either check the boxes on the left and used the button to clear all checked or click the link on the individual errors. This action will clear the list ID (mentioned earlier in this article) and generate a new, functioning list ID. It will also send NEW DUPLICATE data to your pending sync list to be transferred to QB. 

Beware! Clicking this button will create duplicates in QB. If you have created these invoice in QB or they have been unlinked from the SingleOps version you may want to delete them in QB before syncing new ones over. 

Quick Summary using an example:

The screen shot above has 2 3120 errors. These are broken List IDs on the client data (notice it says client in the entity type column. Clicking the clear id link (depicted above in red) on this error will fix the list ID and place it in your pending sync list. Once the QB web connector is ran these clients will sync over to QB. 


Quickbooks Online Clear ID 


In QB online the error message will display a bit different than QBD.

You'll see some verbiage like

"Object Not Found: Object Not Found : Something you're trying to use has been made inactive. Check the fields with accounts, customers, items, vendors or employees. This usually means the invoice itself was deleted in QuickBooks."

To correct this just click the link shown above and the entity should sync to QBO within a few seconds. 



As always if you need any help or have question please don't hesitate to reach out to us at Support@singleops.com

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