Visit Profit Margin Report

The Visit Profit Margin Report provides a Visit-level breakdown of profit metrics. The report compiles all Visits within the filtered parameters & breaks them down by Visit & Client information, along with financial metrics such as Sales, Cost of Goods Sold (COGS), Expenses, Profit (in dollars), Profit (as a percentage), Payments & Balances.

Navigate to: mceclip0.png Reports > Report Catalog > Expenses & Job Costing



Visit Profit Margin Report Features


  • Date Range - a custom date range based on the Date Filter (see below)

  • Date Filter - used to determine if the Date Range is based on Visit Start Date or Visit Created Date

  • Visit Stages (multiselect)

  • Assignees (multiselect)

  • Sales Reps (multiselect)


The columns included in the Visit Profit Margin Report can be configured to control the data displayed. The following columns are available in this report: 

  • Ref # - the Visit’s reference number

  • Visit Name - the Visit’s name

  • Visit Stage - the current Visit stage (scheduled, completed, approved, etc.)

  • Operation - the Job-level Operation 

  • Created - the Visit creation date

  • Work Start: the date that the Visit is scheduled to start
    Note: if a cell is blank that means a start date has not yet been assigned

  • Sales: the revenue for each visit

  • COGS: the cost of goods (Material) that you've sold to your customer
    Note: Navigate to Admin > Account Settings > COGS Formula to make updates

  • Expense: any Expense, including the cost of Service, Labor, & Equipment associated with the Visit

  • Profit $: Calculated by subtracting COGS & Expenses from Sales
    Expressed algebraically: (Sales - [COGS + Expenses]) = Profit

  • Profit %: Calculated by dividing Profit $ by Sales
    Expressed algebraically: ([Profit / Sales] x 100) = Profit %

  • Payments: the sum of the payments the customer has made for each visit

  • Balances: the sum of how much the customer still owes

  • Sales Rep - the assigned Sales Rep on the Job-level  


Additional Notes

  • Payments are filtered based on the select Date Filter, not the payment date.
  • If the Visit's invoice is part of a CMB or RUP, a link to that invoice will be shown in the Payments & Balance columns.
  • Visits on Fixed Invoice Jobs are not included in the Visit Profit Margin Report.


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