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Add  Payment Terms

Add Payment Methods

Add Payment Terms & Payment Methods Video


Note: If connected to Quickbooks, Payment Terms should be created in Quickbooks. They will sync into SingleOps.
Payment methods can be made in Singleops, even if QuickBooks is connected.

Add Payment Terms

  1. Navigate to Admin > Terms
  2. Click New
  3. Name the Term and and fill out Due days
    *Note: Payment Terms dictate the Due Date on the invoice generated by SingleOps.
  4. Click Create Term
    Now this Payment Term will populate in the dropdown menu under Additional Options when editing a job.


Add Payment Methods

  1. Navigate to Admin > Payment Methods
    Note: Cash and check will always be defaulted on any SingleOps account. 'Credit Card' is reserved for credit card integration.
  2. Click New Payment Method
  3. Fill out Name and Description
  4. Click Create Payment method
    Now this Payment Method will populate in the dropdown menu when you select Process Payment on a Job.


Add Payment Terms and Payment Methods Video

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