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Sync QuickBooks Online with SingleOps

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Re-Connect Quickbooks Online


Sync QuickBooks Online with SingleOps

1. Navigate to: mceclip0.png Admin > Account Settings

2. From the blue menu, select QuickBooks Online

3. Click the Connect QuickBooks Online button 

*Note: You will need Admin access to your QuickBooks

4. Once Quickbooks is successfully synced, return to SingleOps.

Additional Notes

  • Only make updates in ONE system (Best practice: Make a commitment to making updates in SingleOps, only)
  • The sync happens from one system to another. If something is input in both systems, the sync will not sync from one to the other, but instead will stall in the middle and let us know there's a duplicate.
  • There can be no duplicate client display names, item names, vendor names (and vendors can not have the same name as a current client), and no duplicate invoice numbers.
  • Once invoices are being synced from SingleOps to QuickBooks, adding invoices directly into QuickBooks will cause syncing issues.

Connect QuickBooks Online Video


Re-Connect Quickbooks Online

If your Quickbooks Online gets disconnected from SingleOps before you've made adjustments in SingleOps and the current data in SingleOps is the data you prefer to move forward with, follow the steps bellow to re-connect with current SingleOps data.

  1. Add an asterisk to each name and item in Quickbooks Online that you do not want to have overwritten.
  2. Make them inactive.
    This will prevent anything from syncing over.
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