Printing Invoices

Although SingleOp's billing is designed for fully digital interactions with your clients, we understand that certain clients still want hard copies of their documents mailed instead of an emailed link. For these clients, we have created an efficient process for batching Invoices into one PDF for quick printing, as well as a method for marking them as sent so that you can keep track of who has received their invoice and on which date.

Print Invoices and Mark Them as Sent

1. Navigate to mceclip0.png Invoices > Open Invoices or Paid Invoices

2. Filter Invoice results, if necessary

3. Select the check box to the left of each invoice which needs to be printed

4. Click Combine and Email (see image #1 below)

5. In the popup window, set the Send To field to your email address

6. Check the Mark Invoice(s) Sent? box

7. Change the Sent Method to Printed (see image #2 below)

8. Send the Invoice PDF

The Invoices will arrive in your email inbox as one Combined Invoice PDF (i.e. 3 Invoices of 2 pages long each will be combined into one 6 page PDF for easy and fast printing)

9. Print the PDF and mail invoices to the appropriate client(s)



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