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Connect/ Reconnect Web Connector 

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Connect QuickBooks Desktop to SingleOps

  1. In QuickBooks, on your QuickBooks Home Page, hit the F2 key at top of your keyboard. The Product Information window will show up.
  2. Under File Information, Location, COPY the C drive address.

  3. Contact your SingleOps implementation specialist to enable and import QBD
  4. Navigate to: mceclip0.pngAdmin > Account Settings
  5. On the blue side menu, click QuickBooks
  6. Click the QuickBooks Desktop button to open the QuickBooks Desktop Web Connector page.
  7. PASTE the C: drive file path in Company File Path box.

  8. Click Save Settings & Download QWC File
  9. Open download that pops up at bottom of the browser screen
  10. A window will pop up to authorize new web connection between SingleOps and QuickBooks file. SingleOps is going to ask for access to and make changes in QuickBooks (i.e. adding client in SingleOps will add client to QuickBooks as well). Click OK
  11. Open QuickBooks back up. There is a window asking when SingleOps should have access to QuickBooks.
    *Note: SingleOps recommendation is whenever this QB company file is open.
  12. Skip checkbox at bottom of window. SSN or CC info is not needed. Click Done


Connect/ Reconnect Web Connector

  1. Open QuickBooks. You will see web connector (if web connector isn’t open, open it by going to file > app management > update web services)
  2. Click the checkbox to left of SingleOps production
  3. In the pop up, enter your SingleOps password and click OK. Save password.
  4.  When box is checked, click Update Selected.
    • This runs initial sync.
    • This box is what connects SingleOps to QuickBooks, if the box is not open, the programs are not talking to each other.
    • To open: File > App Management > Update Web Services

Additional Notes

  • QuickBooks Desktop does NOT work with Mac operating system.
  • If you charge sales tax, SingleOps can see tax rates but they can’t be changed in SingleOps
  • This will probably have to run a couple of times to get all data. It will automatically run every 5 minutes
  • Can minimize web connector > runs in background > can use QB as normal while web connector is open
  • If the sync gets stuck or does not complete, go into the QuickBooks Sync Wizard and click Approve to move things along. This is important as it can happen often with QuickBooks Desktop and those that have a lot of data.


Connect QuickBooks Desktop Video


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