One-Off & Recurring Job

There are two main types of Jobs in SingleOps: One-Off & Recurring. By default, all Jobs in SingleOps are set as One-Off & will need to be switched to Recurring, as needed. 


One-Off Job

One-Off Jobs in SingleOps are Jobs with one Visit. One-Off Jobs are used when the services requested by the Client will only occur once & generally over a short period of time (one day or a few consecutive days). Examples of a One-Off Job would be removing a tree, pruning work, mulching, or even some landscape installs like a small patio. 

When a One-Off Job is created, it will have a single Visit associated with it for scheduling & can span several consecutive days, if necessary. If the services are split up for any reason (perhaps the main service is a tree removal & you need to come back the following week to grind the stump), it is possible to accomplish this split with a One-Off Job by using Visit Splitting


Recurring Job

A Recurring Job is a Job with more than one Visit that occurs over several, non-consecutive days. These visits can be identical or varied. Examples of this Job type would be a weekly mowing service, monthly maintenance, a multi-round lawn treatment plan, or a series of trunk injections to maintain the trees on a property. These Jobs can be scheduled on a weekly, monthly, custom, or on-demand basis, & they can be billed per visit or on a fixed schedule. Follow this link for more information on setting-up recurring work. 




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