One-Off Job & Recurring Job

There are two main types of Jobs in SingleOps: One-Off & Recurring. By default, all Jobs in SingleOps are set as One-Off & will need to be switched to Recurring, as needed. 

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One-Off Job

Recurring Job


One-Off Job

One-Off Jobs are used when the services requested by the Client will only occur once & generally over a short period of time (one day or a few consecutive days). Examples of a One-Off Job would be removing a tree, pruning work, mulching, or even some landscape installs like a small patio. 

On-Off Visit Frequency

Visit Frequency Common Services Common Use Case
One Day General Tree Care
Multi-Day Design build, Install


Recurring Job

Recurring Jobs in SingleOps are Jobs with more than one Visit. The work on these Visits can be identical (the same lawn mowing each week) or varied (six different PHC treatments throughout the year.)

Recurring Visit Frequency

Visit Frequency  Common Services Common Use Case


  • Regular Schedule - such as Monthly, Weekly, Daily
  • Monthly - One Visit will occur on a specific date each month (i.e. the 12th)
  • Weekly - One Visit will occur every 1, 2, 3… weeks on a specific day of the week (i.e. every other Wednesday)
  • Daily - One Visit will occur every 1,2,3… days (i.e. every 25 days)
  • Use when work will be not be completed on a regular basis
  • Number of Visits entered by Month
On-Demand Jobs With On-Demand Jobs, Proposals can be created with unknown Visit dates, number of Visits, or the exact Line Items for each Visit. 
  • Create a Snow Proposal


Recurring Invoice Type

Invoice Type Detail Example
Per Visit Invoicing Per Visit invoices will create 1 invoice for each visit on the job. The invoice date will match the visit start date. 

A customer wants their lawn mowed once per week, and asks for the bill to be sent after each mowing for the price of that mowing service only. 

This type of bill is Per Visit because the Invoice is based on the Work Completed

Fixed Invoicing

Fixed Invoices are created on a pre-determined schedule for a pre-determined amount, and are billed separately from the work.

A customer wants their lawn mowed once per week, and asks to be billed the same about each month, regardless of how many services are performed in that month.

This type of bill is Fixed because the amount and timing of the Invoice is pre-determined, and is not affected by the work that occurs during that time period.


Recurring Jobs Video

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  • Hello, is there any further context for best practices on a Multi-Day / One-Off job that is a Large Scale Design / Build Install?

    What is the in house suggestion for this scenario, and whether using PROGRESS BILLING to dictate Invoicing (ie, man hours would be a generic enough method to create a normalized process if cannot determine based off of line items) 


    Is it better to just create as regular DB One Off, and then have the START / STOP dates set and then adjust the STOP date accordingly in real time pending daily completion of that job?

    Thank you!

  • Check out the 2 articles below for our best practices in managing Design Build in SingleOps:

    Create a Design Build Proposal 

    Design Build Best Practices 


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