Route Optimization

The Route Optimization tool can be used to place the stops on a route in the most efficient path considering their location. This tool includes the Tasks and Visits on a route, as well as driving time between each Task/Visit. This Route Planner feature can be very useful for Assignees with several stops. 

The Route Optimization tool should be used on a route which already contains Tasks and/or Visits.  When the tool is used, it reorders the existing Tasks and Visits into the most efficient route for that driver. Therefore, the tool should not be used if the order of Tasks and Visits for the driver on a given day needs to be controlled (i.e. your Clients schedule Visits for specific times of the day).

Optimized Route Setup

  • The Starting Point of an Optimized Route is always the User's assigned Operation Location.  The tool does not use the driver's current location.
    • To change the Operation used as the starting point, edit each User profile and set the Route Operation as desired.


  • Optimize Route Visit Length (also applies to Tasks)
    • Setting this will dictate the length of the Visit/Tasks for Optimized Routes.  
    • Options for this setting are (in minutes): 15, 30, 60, 90, 120 
    • Note: if a Visit being Optimized has (1) an Assignee with a stipulated "Crew Size" and (2) estimated Labor, the Optimization Visit Length feature will be overridden by the calculation: Estimated Labor / Crew Size
    • This must be set by a SingleOps Support team member. Please contact if you would like to change your Optimization Visit Length.
  • Work Day Range
    • The range of the work day determines the length of time available for Visits and Tasks.
      • For example, if the workday is set at 7:00am to 3:00pm, and your Optimize Route Visit Length is 60 minutes, it is not possible to fit 10 stops on your Route using this tool. Doing so will cause the Visits to begin stacking onto a second line.
    • To ensure long routes will fit onto one line using the Route Optimization tool, either lengthen your workday by adjusting the fields: "My Day Starts At" and "My Day Ends At" (in Account Settings) or decreasing the length of your Optimize Route Visit Length
    • Note: driving time between stops adds to the overall time of an Optimized Route

Using Route Optimization

To Optimize a Route:

  1. Navigate to the Route Planner
  2. Add Tasks and/or Visits to a Driver (make sure the Route is unlocked to do so)
  3. Once all Tasks and Visits are on the Route, click the downward arrow to the right of the Driver's name
  4. Select "Optimize Route"
  5. The Tasks and Visits on the Route will be arranged into the most efficient order


Tips & Best Practices

  • It is not possible to "undo" Route Optimization except manually moving the Tasks/Visits back into their original order - please use this tool with caution
  • Route Optimization must be applied to an entire Route. It is not possible to exclude a stop on the Route when using the Route Optimization tool.
  • Routes must begin at the Operation Location assigned to the User

Pre-optimized Route:



Optimized Route:



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