Optimize a Route

Route Optimization & Memorization available on Premier Tier, only.

The Route Optimization tool can be used to place the stops on a route in the most efficient order based on the event locations, as well as the Driver’s Operation location.

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Before Optimizing Routes

- Add a Location to Each Operation

- Select a Route Operation for Each Driver on Their User Page

Optimizing a Route


Before Optimizing a Route

Before you can begin optimizing routes, you will need to complete the setting adjustments & configurations listed below:

Add a Location to Each Operation

1. Navigate to: mceclip2.png Admin > Operations

2. Select Edit next to the Operation

3. Complete the location details

4. Select Update Operation



Select a Route Operation for Each Driver on Their User Page

1. Navigate to: mceclip1.png Admin > Users

2. Select the User’s Name

3. Select their designated Route Operation

4. Select Update User 

*Note: The Operation location for the selected Route Operation is used as the Driver’s
            starting point when optimizing their routes.



Optimize a Route

Once you have completed the Operation & User updates, follow the steps below to optimize a route:

1. Navigate to: mceclip0.png Route Planner > Route Planner

2. Add events to a Driver’s route as outlined in this article here

3. Select the arrow to the right of the Driver's name

4. Select Optimize Route
Note: The gaps between the optimized events represent drive time. 


Additional Notes

  • The Route Optimization feature must be turned on by a SingleOps team member.
  • The Route Optimization does not take into account the start point being your end point. To prevent your driver/crews/salespersons from traveling too far, SingleOps suggests that companies with multiple crews should assign each crew/salespeople to a specific area to minimize drive time and distance.
  • The default length for optimized Visits can be set to 15, 30, 60, 90, or 120 minutes. This must be set by a SingleOps team member.
  • The default Visit length can also be determined by setting a Crew Size on the Driver’s User page. 
    • Navigate to: Admin > Users, select the User’s Name, & update their Crew Size:
    • If a Visit being Optimized has an Assignee with a stipulated Crew Size, as well as  estimated Labor, the default Visit length will be overridden by the following calculation: Estimated Labor / Crew Size
  • The range of your work day determines the length of time available for events on a route. For example, if your work day is set to start at 7:00 am & end at 3:00 pm & your default length for optimized visits is 60 minutes, it is not possible to fit 10 stops on an optimized route.
  • The only way to "undo" an optimized route is to manually move the events back into their original order.
  • Route Optimization can only be used on an entire route. It is not possible to exclude a stop on a route when using this tool.
  • This tool should not be used if the order of events for the Driver on a given day needs to be controlled (i.e. your Clients schedule Visits for specific times of the day).



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